The 7 mistakes with foods that prevent you from losing weight even if you eat healthy

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Sometimes we think, with some logic, that by eating a healthy diet or eating only healthy products, we will lose weight or never gain it. But this is not entirely true. There are many more nuances to consider. However, the perception we have in Spain about our own diet, according to a recent survey, is pretty good: almost 75% of the population consider that they eat a healthy diet.

The reason (s) for this good perception, according to the respondents of this Aegon paper, is because I say that “Eat fruits and vegetables every day” and “base their diet on fresh and poorly processed products”. There are really two very good reasons to consider a diet and eat healthy. As we know, it is important that at least between 80% and 90% of our diet is healthy and based on foods with high nutritional value and that the rest, respectively 10-20%, may contain lower or more unnecessary quality food.

It is therefore important to have regularity in our diet and not so much the occasion as the exception. However, even if we eat healthy, there are certain mistakes we make that make us fail in our attempt to lose weight or not gain weight..

Energy balance

By not only eating healthy, we will not gain weight. It is important to consider the term energy balancebridge. That is, “The balance that occurs when we ingest the same energy we consume”, as explained on its official website by the Vivo Sano Foundation.

When we eat what we spend, there would be neither profit nor pIt isweight loss. Instead, when there is or we have a energy balancepositive ethics because I consumed more than I spent and therefore would be an increase in weight. Otherwise, if there is a negative balance, there is a weight loss.

However, although it is important to consider this concept of energy balance (take calories based on what you spend), there are other factors that affect when you lose or gain weight which are not mathematicspure ethics, but very important nuances that would not have much to do with the calories themselves “, says for EL ESPAÑOL Laura Arranz, professor at the University of Barcelona (UB) and doctor in food and nutrition (@lauragananutricion, on Instagram).

Sleepy metabolism

“Don’t sleep well or get adequate rest, with a certain stress or high stress or with changes in the intestinal microbiota, are three factors that can make us more likely not to lose weight or that it costs us more to lose weight, although apparently we take the right calories, that is, calories based on what we spend, ”says Arranz.

It is also important – continues to explain this professional – to take into account the energy balance It should be evaluated on the basis of nutrition and not so much on calories. That is, the quality of our diet is important and that we take and ingest the contribution of adequate and necessary nutrients for our body and our body to function properly.

“There are diets that limit the number of calories and yet the person does not lose weight. This is due to the fact that the metabolism is asleep or blocked and what you need is a nutritional content for it to be activated and the body reacts correctly “, explains this expert.

Eat relaxed

Also, in the healthy products or foods that we need to take regularly – both daily and weekly – to have a healthy diet, it is important to control the amounts we take. For example, follow the Harvard board method or use the famous hand method, that is, using our own hand as a method of measurement. However, although it is important to follow the quantity control recommendations, “It is also essential to listen to our body, to know ourselves, because each of us has a different level of satiety “, says Arranz.

Other interesting factors to keep in mind are the hours and the way we eat. That is, a mistake we make has to do with the poor scheduling of our mealsTherefore, “it is essential to have a good routine of programs, which are constant and better early than late, while trying to put a few carbs at dinner, if we want to lose weight,” says Arranz. And, on the other hand, “it’s important to eat relaxed and chew slowly (so we can control more of what we eat) and eat calmly, disconnecting from anything else,” he adds.

And finally, you should, of course, exercise regularly and avoid sedentary lifestyle, which is essential for our life in general and for, in accordance with everything discussed in this article, to achieve our goal of not gaining weight, even eating healthy.