Tesla never intended to settle in Mexico! They deny El Reforma and Enrique Alfaro impartiality

MEXICO CITY.- After the inauguration of a Tesla fast charging point in Tepatitlán, Jalisco, the secretary for economic development of that state said that the environmental policy of 4Q would have scared the investment of a company factory in Bajío.

However, sources close to the electric car company deny this theory, because in reality there were never any real intentions to manufacture cars in Mexico.

The consulted source indicates that Tesla’s decision to build its models in Texas is due to logistical comfort factors and the market itself, as the first takeover of the brand will be built in that complex and that state is the main market for trucks in I work everywhere. in the world.

The construction project for the new plant is so important to Tesla that Musk himself will move from California to Texas to oversee its construction. Honestly, it is hard to imagine that Elon will move to Guadalajara to review his development, the source said.

Also, the source consulted indicates that the brand’s commitment to the development of the electrical infrastructure network in Mexico is very strong and the proof of this is the installation of the fast charging point that was inaugurated yesterday.

Tesla’s decision to select Austin, TX as the location for the next plant was in no way related to any Mexican policy or situation, according to a source familiar with the Tesla site selection process.

“Tesla’s plans in Mexico are very important and I honestly don’t think the US brand team is aware of the federal government’s environmental policy, so we can rule that out,” the source said.

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