Tesla is again forced to stop construction at Gigafactory Berlin due to lack of a $ 100 million deposit

Tesla is said to have been forced to stop construction at Gigafactory Berlin again because they did not provide a $ 100 million guarantee for the potential demolition of the project.

This is the second time a missed payment has affected the project.

In October, the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin project shut down, which would have affected the work, due to the fact that Tesla missed a payment.

It made the car manufacturer move quickly and they signed a new contract with the water company, and things quickly returned to normal.

However, it does not appear that Tesla has learned its lesson, as another missed payment now affects the project, according to reports coming from Germany.

Tesla has not obtained general approval to build Gigafactory Berlin and is instead operating with partial approvals to continue advancing the project.

We now know that if the project is not approved, Tesla will be responsible for its demolition, so it has been asked to provide a $ 100 million security deposit for the eventual demolition.

Of Germany time reports (translated from German):

Background: Tesla is already allowed to build, although the final building permit has not yet been obtained. If it is never granted, Tesla or another company will have to demolish what has already been built. The financial security deposit serves this purpose. The company has now been granted an extended period until January 4, 2021 to file them. Tesla declined to comment on the decision of the State Environment Bureau when asked.

The $ 100 million deposit was supposed to be made on December 17 and the missed payment would have affected the project.

The publication reports:

Consequently, Tesla is not allowed to continue installing the machines in the painting workshop and clearing the forest, as shown by a decision of the State Environment Agency. Tesla should have provided a 100 million euro security deposit by December 17th.

Tesla is moving at an extremely fast speed for the construction of the factory. Several massive buildings are already taking shape.

Tesla plans to start production at the new plant in July 2021 and must meet a strict construction deadline to be ready in just 12 months. The start of production at the factory is also linked to the launch of the Y model in Europe.

The carmaker also plans to produce its new 4680 battery cell on site and use its new structural battery design to produce the European Y model.

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Like the last issue, it has nothing to do with money. Tesla must now have nearly $ 20 billion in the bank. A $ 100 million deposit shouldn’t be a problem.

This is most likely another communication and management issue at Tesla, which is trying to go extremely fast in the project.

In the end, it shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s certainly not a good thing for the carmaker.

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