Telegram will introduce digital ads on its platform

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Photo: Yuri Kadobnov (Getty Images)

Telegram, the encrypted messaging application and a refuge for drug traffickers, intends to generate money In 2021, founder Pavel Durov said on Wednesday.

The announcement comes as the app approaches its eighth birthday and “approaches 500 million active users,” according to Durov’s statement. Telegram channel. Each new user who it’s coming flooded, he explained, bring more server costs for the company deal. “A project our size needs at least a few hundred million dollars a year to continue,” he said.

All free parts of the platform will remain at present free, he said, adding that in the new year, Telegram will add some new payments functions for business teams or “advanced users”. He did not go into the specifics of these new features, in addition to mentioning that Telegram will bring its own advertising platform on board. (In a separate document post Telegram announces it will build a persistent, clubhouse-like voice chat feature– although, again, this may or may not be one of the issues that are generated by money.)

According to the post, the idea is not to run ads in individual or group private chats specifically, because, in Durov’s words, “communication between people should be free of any kind of advertising.” Instead, he showed what he called the “one-to-many” channels of the Telegram, which have their own dedicated station, following a specific Telegram poster. They act more like a Twitter feed than an SMS conversation and, like Twitter, will receive ad serving..

So far, the platform has been largely floatation of Durov’s personal savings. In 2018, he entered $ 1.7 billion from hopeful private investors to develop its own blockchain token that could monetize the platform. But after two years and a significant amount of push from the SEC, Durov has announced in May he will stop the effort and reimbursement a good $ 1.2 billion back to the investors behind it.

As for what these potential ads might look like, this is still unclear. Twitter advertising systems as well I noticed in the past, they have their own problems and, as Durov’s post rightly points out, it can be felt that sharing ads in your regular scroll some kind of shit, especially when replacing regular posts how they tend to make Twitter ads. Again, any ad on any social platform is generally an unwanted experience at best, even when they are not hideous to look at. In addition, given how creepy In-app advertising platforms tend to be, you can imagine why they would not be the most welcome news for Telegram’s more users with privacy.

Durov, in turn, promised that the imminent Telegram announcement delivery systems would be “easy to use” and would comply with the Telegrammer’s programs. privacy. But given how I heard the exact promise just about every player In the game of tracking and targeting, it would be worth taking Durov’s word with a grain of salt.