Tayshia Adams suggests that Ben Smith return in the season 16 finale

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 11.] Bachelor Nation fans were heartbroken when Tayshia Adams eliminated Ben Smith Bachelorette Season 16. The couple’s final farewell was deeply unfulfilled, as both sides did not express how they really felt. But now, viewers are beginning to believe that the competitor will return to buy back his previous shares. Then, recently, Adams added to the theory and suggested Ben’s return Bachelorette final – that’s what she said.

What Happened to Tayshia Adams and Ben Smith in “The Bachelorette” Season 16 Episode 11

Tayshia Adams and Ben Smith in
Tayshia Adams and Ben Smith on “The Bachelorette” | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

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Into the Bachelorette Season 16, episode 11, Adams went through his hometown with the last four suitors, including Ben, Brendan Morais, Zac Clark and Ivan Hall. For the most part, all the meetings in Adams’ hometown were a success. Families accepted and most men were willing to express their love for the leader.

That being said, Ben was the only one who kept his feelings for Adams. During the meeting in his hometown, Ben realized that he was in love with Adams when he talked to his girlfriend, Antonia Lofaso. But when he finally got to Adams alone, Ben didn’t drop the L-bomb.

“In Ben’s true way, I blew him,” Ben said in a voiceover after the meeting. “I’m in love with her and I should have told her.”

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At the rose ceremony, Adams sent Ben home. And even then, the competitor was still unable to share his true feelings. He told the leader it would be “okay”. Then, in the limousine home, Ben admitted that he was still in love with Adams.

“I don’t even know what to do,” Ben said blankly. “I am still in love with her. I really thought we’d be together. I wanted to marry her. “

He later added: “I should have told him how I felt when I had the chance after my hometowns. I’m not sure how I should fall in love with her. Maybe she loved me and thought I didn’t love her back. And then, if that’s the case, I blew it. “

Why “The Bachelorette” fans think Ben Smith is back for the end of Tayshia Adams

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When Ben left Bachelorette In season 16, Adams revealed that he was considering choosing an army veteran. However, she let the competitor go, because she could not continue to “pull” things from him. Meanwhile, Adams admitted that Ben’s elimination was “extremely disappointing” because he did not express any emotion. And finally, Ben’s answer made Adams think he didn’t care.

Of course, the disconnect between Adams and Ben was frustrating for many Bachelorette fans. But, Ben could have at least one more conversation with Adams before the end of the season. In the promotional trailer for Hometowns, Ben apparently tells Adams that he is in love with her.

Of course, the clip was not broadcast on the ABC reality series. As we know, the competitor did not share his feelings before his exit. So it’s possible that Ben will come back and tell Adams that he loves her Bachelorette final. But for now, the big comeback is just a theory.

Tayshia Adams teases Ben Smith’s return to season 16 finale “The Bachelorette”

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While Bachelor Nation fans will have to tune in to find out if Ben is coming back Bachelorette At the end of season 16, Adams teased the next story on Click Bait podcast. At the beginning of the December 17 episode, Adams’ co-host Joe Amabile discussed Ben’s elimination, repeating how the fandom felt about leaving. Then Adams suggested that there be more stories at the end of two nights.

“All I can say about this is that there are still things going on that you have no idea about,” Adams said. “It’s going to throw everything in a loop.”

Of course, Adams did not provide further details. But the bachelor explained how he felt when he eliminated Ben, revealing that he needed more from her competitor.

“I remember those feelings at that moment, when I was just on that bench and I was saying, ‘Show me something. Do you care about me at all? Is it significant to you? Is that how you treat every girl? “She said. “I just needed a little sense of validation and I feel like I don’t have any of that.”

Adams also admitted that it was “tiring” to talk to Ben, as she had to constantly get something out of him. So even if the cast member comes back Bachelorette in the end, will the great gesture be enough to win back Adams? It seems unlikely. But right now, anything could happen.

Bachelorette The end of season 16 is broadcast on December 21 and December 22 on ABC.

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