Take care! Tom Brady seems to be Tom Brady we know again: NFL Instant Replay

Without the usual April-June field games, training camp or training games, it made sense for Tom Brady to take time to adjust to his new team and new offensive system, but the veteran defender already seems to be in sync. with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Maybe it’s weird that it took a Brady-sized player for almost three months to find the consistency that made him one of the best defenders in league history, but what matters to the buccaneers is that he gets it faster. of the playoffs.

It sounds counterintuitive, but maybe the slow onset of the Buccaneers crime helped Brady perfect his arm to be the dangerous passer-by we know.

The Buccaneers’ worst moment in 2020, between week 8, when they defeated the New York Giants in a close duel, and week 12, when they lost at home to the Kansas City bosses in a duel whose final result is misleading , it seems they are already behind. During that period, when Tampa Bay was 2-3, Brady’s performance also dropped dramatically.

From weeks 8-11, Brady’s ability to attack deep opposing defenders was practically shattered by just five percent of his pass completions and three interceptions without touchdowns on 20-yard or more yards.

Not that Brady was the most effective defender in the NFL on those types of deliveries in the first seven scheduled games (43% ERA, 3 TD and 1 INT), but the slip was down.

In the game against the bosses, the buccaneers followed with 17-0 in the first quarter and 27-10 in the third. Although Kansas City’s victory was not jeopardized after taking over, Tampa Bay’s offensive reaction helped Brady pace even better in deep passes.

Since that game, Brady has completed 56% of his passes of 20 or more yards with three touchdowns and one interception.

While the presence of a quarterback of Brady’s historic stature is a catalyst for a team to play motivated (remember Joe Montana in 1993-94 with a few bosses with average players on offense), the performance of this figure is effective. this most dangerous team in 2020, although it was difficult for them to exploit it consistently, the buccaneers have the necessary talent and something more to take advantage of Brady’s ability.

The only problem Brady and the Tampa Bay offensive need to address before the playoffs begin is their slow start to games, such as the one they suffered against the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday that put them 17-0 up. in the first trimester.

It is known that the first 15 offensive games of a team in any game help determine how it will attack the opposing defense. According to ESPN Statistics and Information, Buccaneers ranks lower in various categories in the NFL in the first 15 offensive games of a game: 31 in yards (3.31) and efficiency in the first and 10 in yards (18 percent) and 24th in meters per game (5.3).

The sense of urgency was helpful for Brady and Buccaneers’ offense, but with two weeks left in the regular season and no playoff ticket in the bag, showing that early offensive power will be healthier for the coach. Bruce Arians and company.