Surprise! Francisca Lachapel is already married to Francesco Zampogna

Surprise!  Francisca Lachapel is already married to Francesco Zampogna

Francisca Lachapel with her fiancé, Francesco.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent.

Surprise! Francisca Lachapel reveals in “Awaken America” who married her a year ago, already a husband, Francesco Zampogna.

From the morning show of Univiziune, the presenters said that today they are going to say something that had not been said before. The one who was in a hurry to do it seemed Francisca, but no one knew why.

After 9:30 AM, it was time for the segment that promised to steal tears. Beginning Karla Martinez: “In this difficult year, I admired so much our ability to work in a team … Something my heart longs for is to be able to have a party at my house and invite the whole team”, said.

Then it followed Raul Gonzalez: “I myself was surprised by my concern for you when you became ill.”He said, and later, with tears in his eyes, he thanked all his colleagues for their support in the process of his father’s illness and death.

Now, Francisca, while everyone was waiting for her to talk about her canceled wedding or her passage through COVID-19, caught saying: “I got married!”.

His comrades, who really knew nothing, could not react. At first they thought it was a joke, until he revealed that in two weeks he would marry a year, civil.

“We got married on December 31 last year, we had this very intimate civil holiday, where only his family was on the beach, together with my mother, dressed in white”he explained when they began showing photos of the ceremony.

In fact, she revealed that the segment had been prepared for her to finally reveal what only the executive producer, Luz Maria Doria and she knew.

“We are preparing this segment, without telling you this … One of the most important lessons we have received this year is to live in the present”, said.

She assured that anyway, the religious wedding will take place next year, if the pandemic allows it, as she is only civilly married and that who gave legal protection to this love was her brother-in-law, her husband’s brother who is a lawyer.

Taking advantage of Karla, Alan tacher and she already had a coronavirus and her defense is great, they gave each other that hug that everyone dreamed of giving her to congratulate her.

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