Students continue to take classes in “the coldest place on the planet” … at over 50 degrees below zero (VIDEO)

Photo: Video capture

On one occasion we talked about Oymyakon, the Russian city where its inhabitants have reached more than 60 degrees below zero and which, together with Verhoyansk, are the two coldest inhabited places on the planet, so much so that children go at school at temperatures that the rest of us mortals can’t even imagine.

By: Miguel Jorge | Gizmodo

Oymyakon, which literally translates to “package of unfrozen water; the place where fish spend the winter ”, is a village in the Russian region of Yakutia, east of Siberia. To give you an idea, the coldest temperature ever recorded in a permanently inhabited area was -71 ° C at Oymyakon (1933), a record given by geologist Sergei Obruchev.

Anyway, their average temperature in winter is -50 ° C, and this already gives us an idea of ​​how they are organized, so that the little ones can go to school at any time of the year.
There is also only one school in Oymyakon, and the center decided a long time ago that they will close their doors for primary school only if temperatures drop below -52 ° C. Not only that. Children over the age of 11 need to be even tougher, as they can only stay indoors when the temperature drops below -56 ° C.

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