Stop around the Pedrín Zorrilla coliseito for the opening of the first regional vaccination center

Hundreds of vehicles are trying to access the first regional vaccination center against COVID-19, located in the Pedrín Zorrilla coliseito, in Hato Rey, caused a traffic congestion on the Las Américas Express, Domenech Avenue and PR-17, Police Traffic Division Lieutenant Elvis Zeno reported Wednesday.

The plug was formed because the gates to the San Juan Sports Complex, located on Domenech Avenue, were closed when the people who were to be vaccinated arrived, as civilians who were not allowed to be vaccinated today arrived at the site.

The National Guard of Puerto Rico (GNPR), who is in charge of the vaccination process, convened medical personnel who had not been vaccinated against the virus as of today, but Zeno denounced that the event had not been coordinated with state police.

“What happens is they do a vaccination for the doctors who have private offices, but they didn’t agree with us. Right now there is a huge plug on the PR-18 and PR-17, but we are already there, San Juan Traffic Division personnel and the gates are already open and we hope the traffic starts to flow ”, be the officer The new day.

However, the GNPR spokeswoman, Michelle Torres, told this medium that they did coordinate with the authorities and all Traffic congestion is partly the result of people who are not health workers coming to the vaccination center. Therefore, he urged citizens not to go to the coliseito in case they are not doctors or essential health services personnel.

He recalled that people over 65 will be vaccinated through an effort by Walgreens and CVS pharmacies. He also said health workers coming to the coliseito should remain in their vehicles until called to get vaccinated.

Zeno for his part said that given what happened today, The San Juan Municipal Police handles the traffic at the entrance to the complex, while the State Police supports the rest of the traffic logistics.

According to Zeno, people who need to go to Domenech Avenue for other tasks can use both César González Street which intersects PR-17 to Calaf Street, and Ponce de León Street.

The GNPR is expected to open other vaccination centers in Caguas, Arecibo and Ponce in the coming days.

The Caguas vaccination center will be located in the Centro de Bellas Artes; in Arecibo it will be located in the Manuel “Petaca” Iguina Coliseum; and in Ponce the Salvador Dijols Coliseum is projected as a vaccination center.