Some 148,000 absent Dominicans arrived in the country in the first 18 days of December

About 148,000 absent Dominicans came to the country from the United States and other countries in the first 18 days of this December to spend the Christmas holidays with their families.

Via the airports managed by the company Dominican Airports XXI Aerodom, the arrival of about 235 thousand passengers is expected before Christmas in this month of December.

The concessionaire pointed out that 80% of the passengers who returned to the Dominican Republic from abroad have done so on commercial flights through the Las Américas terminal.

Aerodom states that the other travelers entered through the Gregorio Luperón, Puerto Plata, Doctor Joaquín Balaguer, (El Higüero), Santo Domingo and other terminals.

The passengers come from the cities of New York, Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, San Juan, Madrid, France, Italy, Netherlands and others.

Authorities require passengers to adhere to the protocol of biosafety, hygiene and physical distance imposed by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of Covod-19.

In the passenger reception of the terminal, the number of people who come to pick up their relatives for the Christmas period decreased on Monday.

As a preventive measure, security and airport authorities recommend that citizens limit themselves to one person who comes to receive family members.

In addition, users are required to wear masks, use social distance and use the decontamination equipment installed at all points in the terminal.