Snacks, pillars of a healthy diet

STARTERS are the foods that are consumed between the main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner). We call them snack, snack or snack bite between meals.

collation well chosen helps healthy nutrition keep satiety in a diet. “Avoid hunger before meals and also that we get uncontrolled at the table,” says Con Bienestar nutritionist Facundo Crescenzo, (MN 6769), also an expert in anthropometry.

But the benefits of snacks go beyond helping you lose weight: they keep you going Active metabolism, which helps prevent fluid and fat retention.

“Food often prevents the body from losing tissue, which preserves the potential loss of muscle mass due to prolonged fasting. There are people who don’t eat anything in the afternoon. This habit is quite contraindicated because the body begins to extract energy from the reserves it has, which are sometimes fat, but sometimes muscular ”, explains the nutritionist.

If we do not have time to have a snack, snack handling avoids this possible problem. It is estimated that one snack is usually equivalent to two snacks. In general, weight loss diets recommend three throughout the afternoon.

Snacks are a simple but effective way incorporates food to the diet we do not usually eat at main meals. “They allow the addition of many micronutrients that are not supplied from places other than vegetables,” Crescenzo points out.

What to choose as a snack

Not everything is worth it. Choosing nougat, bars, choco rice, alfajores or chocolate will not bring any of the benefits mentioned, as they are high in fat and sugar and they lack nutrients.

“For a person who wants to gain or maintain weight, this type of snack does not contribute anything. The good options for this are fresh fruits, carrots and walnuts “, says Crescenzo.

Snacks do not create satiety and, on the contrary, make you want to eat more. It is due to the effect that refined sugars and fats have on the body. In addition, they do not provide fiber, protein or energy.

Snacks are especially important as the holidays approach, as they are one of the necessary tools don’t come back with extra pounds. Maintaining the habit of eating food between meals helps maintain body weight on days when we pay less attention to what we put in our mouths. The key when you go on a trip or away from home is the choice of food easy to transport and store.