Slap Wallpapers on your Samsung Galaxy S21 on your phone

Samsung did not even has announced Galaxy S21 – this oneIt’s not that secret future pilot device – yet Your smartphone wallpapers have already been leaked and are available for download right now.

This is great for a few reasons. The first, who doesn’t like to take out his smartphone, especially when you can clone the look of a device that doesn’t even exist? ad Second, this only confirms that S21 Vol there is – and very soon. How to download leaked wallpapers otherwise?

To get started, all you have to do is hit yourself this link (courtesy of Android Police), where you’ll find 12 high-resolution wallpapers, 4 high-resolution DeX wallpapers, and 6 high-resolution lock wallpapers (as videos). Download and culture as needed to match the exact size of your device, which you’ll probably want to look for online.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get:

Wallpapers of Galaxy S21 High Resolution

Wallpapers of high resolution Galaxy S21 DeX

I can’t take a good look at the live videos, because there’s no way to host Kinja. Suffice it to say, their the colorful and moving sand is very beautiful and will look great on your device (You will probably need a separate application for them to work as live wallpapers a iPhone if you go on multiple platforms.)

As for the Galaxy S21 itself, 9to5Google It has a great summary of all the rumors surrounding the device, including probably specifications (three different phones with a 6.2-6.8-inch display, Snapdragon 888 processors, and 128 GB-512 GB storage, depending on the device), cameras (including the return of the 108 megapixel sensor on the “ultra” edition of the S21 model) and colors (purple “Phantom”, pink, gray, white, silver and black, depending on which edition you think). Expect a starting price of about $ 1,000 for S21, and growing from there for more premium smartphone models.

We will have a complete summary of specifications and a comparison between Samsung phone to be announced and all its other emblematic ships if …but More probable When“Samsung officially unveils Galaxy S21.” Stay tuned.