Simón supports the vaccination of medical students against Covid-19

The evolution of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is close to reaching the “plateau” time, as pointed out by Fernando Simón, director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (Ccaes), who warned of a certain “stagnation” in the decline of cases. In addition, and in response to questions from Medical Writing, Simón was in favor of the fact that students with health degrees are included in the priority groups for vaccination.

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“In principle, it is understood that the people who are in contact with the cases are. All students who practice with patients and, if they are at risk of coronavirus, understand that they will be included. But it is a definition that is very established in the vaccination strategy, “he said.

In his speech, the director of the Ccaes stressed the need to start vaccination with the lowest possible incidence. Asked by this means for the figure to which AI should approach, Simón acknowledged that “we will not be in 25 at all and we will probably not be in 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants”.

“If we really took the measures and the Constitution Bridge did not have a very negative impact, We could be at the end of the year at 150 or less“, calculated the director of Ccaes, who appealed to individual caution during the Christmas holidays.

Immunity to the Covid vaccine

The director of Ccaes warned that vaccination will begin “soon”, probably at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2021. “Immunity from the vaccine is generated one week after being vaccinated with the second dose“, warned Simón, who indicated” all this time that we are exposed to an infection “.

Thus, “You can get the disease even with the vaccine just given. This will create an important problem in perceiving the risk and effectiveness of the vaccine, “Simon warned.” We need to be aware that relaxing measures should not involve relaxing individual measures or with people we are late with. ”

The cumulative incidence of 193 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

In addition, Simón pointed out that the cumulative incidence is currently 193 cases per 100,000 and that there has been a decrease in the number of tests performed, which went from 1,900 to 1,558 per day. Simón placed the positivity at 7.7 percent.

“One week after Christmas, I did not notice a possible effect of the Constitution Bridge. Yes, we notice this apparent stagnation in decline, probably due to the reduction of measures “, warned Fernando Simón, who drew attention to the fact that” we are in a delicate situation “.

“We hope that there are no significant increases, but we cannot rule them out,” said the Ccaes director, who stressed that “the risk of saturation of health systems is still present“.

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