Sexy policewoman, Celia Lora opens her outfit to pamper the fans

Beautiful Mexican model and host Celia Lora has managed to be one of the most popular influencers and content creators in this year 2020, all thanks to her participation in MTV’s Acapulco Shore, where his popularity took off again.

This time we will address one of his latest photos in social networksIn fact, on her official Instagram we can see this attractive photo in which we can see a police version in the pure style of Celia Lora, while she opens her outfit to pamper the fans.

The outfit reminds us of a Formula 1 racing flag due to the black and white squares, however, it seems to be a version of police in Europe, because in those countries this type of outfit is used, although on this occasion Celia made it her own.

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Fans of Alex Lora’s beautiful daughter were so happy to see this entertainment that they could not help but let go of their tastes and, of course, to comment on some compliments and compliments in which he tries to thank her and especially to flatter her by supporting -they will grow in their networks.


There is no doubt that the beautiful young woman has a lot of creativity and has become an expert in general on this type of beautiful images and how much Internet users enjoy, so it was a great success all year, always posing from the comfort of her home and for a few weeks visiting the photo studio to capture the best quality photos.

And not only that, but Celia also has 2 pages of exclusive content, a YouTube channel collaborates with different programs and visits all the shows to which she is invited, all due to the special attention she received.

Her photos always make tens of thousands of likes and, of course, comments in which they flatter her and seek to attract the attention of the beautiful young woman who, if she takes the time to read a few comments, so she insists and becomes more creative every time.

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In his stories, he shares some posts made by his fans and also the products he knows to promote and help people with their companies, which he has done all year.

Celia answers a few questions that I ask and tell her personal anecdotes, so it becomes very interesting and funny, especially full of laughter from the host, who is already an expert in creating content.

Celia even collaborated with Lizbeth Rodríguez to make a video that would be very successful from the moment she released it, because she is also one of the most attention-grabbing people on the internet, so her combination was more than explosive.

Celia Lora will continue to generate a bit of everything, so we recommend you to keep an eye on Show News, so as not to miss any of the curiosities and news of the beautiful young model and host.