Scandals involving Bad Bunny!

The singer Bad Bunny He quickly became a music star in just six years, however in his short career he was involved in some scandals, so not everything was “honey on flakes” for him.

In addition to being a successful singer, Bad Bunny is also a record producer, rapper, songwriter and social media star, especially on Instagram and Twitter.

His full name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, known internationally as Bad Bunny, was born on March 10, 1994 in Puerto Rico, as all Pisces are characterized by being calm, kind and above all empathetic with the feelings of others, perhaps this is why his songs are so popular with the public because they identify immediately with them.

Although he started playing music at an early age, only in 2016, with his song “Dile”, he obtained his first recording contract.

At his young age Bad Bunny She became one of the most influential stars in music, especially in the trap genre, she had the opportunity to collaborate with important stars, including Cardi B, Maluma and J. Balvin.

However, not everything was perfect for the singer “You do not live like this”, he had to deal with some scandals and unforeseen events during these six years of his career, his short career was affected by some things that they got out of the way. hands.

This started three years ago in 2017 when Bad Bunny He shared a video on his social networks, where he performed a song by Anuel AA and Ñengo Flow entitled “47”, what was striking was not his interpretation, but the object he showed almost at the end of the video, alluding to the lyrics of the song where he mentions O on several occasions.

Later, in one of his concerts, exactly in the same year he distributed the video, he was involved in another scandal, due to the fact that some subjects began to detonate their arms in the room where the singer was and the crowd, It seems that this had nothing to do with him, it was something external that took place during his presentation.

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Despite the fact that the conflict was against certain people (the process of the groups mentioned), there were several injured because of the glass that fell into place.

In his native Puerto Rico, the authorities released a statement regarding Bad Bunny and Farruko, as he allegedly promoted the use of controlled substances in his concerts with his song “Krippy Kush”, which they did not consider prudent by Among the Stars, it is said that they decided to ban this song that encouraged young people to consume, because they considered it a bad example not only for young people but also for society.

Bad Bunny is characterized by the fact that he has a special style of clothing, at one point in his career he was also asked about his orientation, because he had his nails painted in a colorful way, although it seems that nowadays this is something very usual, before This has repeatedly stated that he loves women, today he has a very beautiful relationship with a young woman.

He is not afraid to criticize politicians, he did this with the president of the Mexican United States, in one of his concerts in which he showed a message “You are a Twitter user or president”, this clear reference had apparently been for D0nald Trump at that time.

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