San Diego judge says ruling lifting COVID closures also applies to restaurants in the county

A San Diego Superior Court judge made it clear on Thursday afternoon: An order he issued late Wednesday that prevented state and local officials from enforcing the closure of COVID-19 at two strip clubs also applies to all restaurants in the United States. province.

Judge Joel Wohlfeil’s clarification came in response to a morning petition from San Diego County and state attorneys, who sought to clear up the ambiguity in Wohlfeil’s ruling in a case filed by Pacers and Cheetahs adult entertainment clubs.

Wohlfeil wrote that the injunction applies to the two clubs, adding the phrase, “San Diego County businesses offering restaurant services.” There were no restaurants in the establishment.

During a brief hearing, Wohlfeil said, “The court intends that all businesses that provide restaurant services in the County of San Diego be included in the court order.”

According to San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and Jason Saccuzzo, an attorney for Pacers, the state is appealing the ruling to the 4th District Court of Appeal. The state will likely request a postponement, halting the impact of Wohlfeil’s ruling until the appeal can be heard.

The court ruling means that restrictions restricting restaurants to offering takeout service no longer apply at this time. County officials said on Wednesday evening they would no longer impose restrictions on dining and live entertainment venues.

On Thursday, the city of Carlsbad said it would also suspend enforcement of orders regarding restaurants.

The judge said neither the state nor the county had provided sufficient evidence showing that restaurants and live entertainment venues operating with security precautions contributed to the spread of the novel coronavirus or its impact on hospital intensive care units, and that the restrictions could not be justified.

Moran writes for the San Diego Union Tribune.