Robinson Canó has already been added to the Eastern Stars list

New York Mets player, Robinson Cano, is already included in the list Eastern stars and just waiting to be added to the list to act in LIDOM-Dominican League.

After many rumors about a possible participation of Robinson Cano into the LIDOM, it was announced that the rumors are true and that the Coronavirus test has already been done.

Everything indicates that canoe could start before the start of the semifinals, it just needs to be added to the weekly list to be able to play in LIDOM.

Here is the report:

Eastern stars Try to qualify for the semifinals and win the Final Series, they have a good team, but with his help Robinson Cano then they would be even better.

Cannon comes from winning a silver bat in MLB 2020, where he beat 303 with 11 homers and 34 RBIs, without a doubt, this bat will be a lot on the field. LIDOM.