Riot Games is working on a MMORPG “League of Legends”

Riot Games expands into every genre of video game imaginable. Greg Street, Vice President of IP and Entertainment at Riot Games, revealed on Twitter that the company is working on a massive online multiplayer game (MMO) set in League of Legends universe. “My new task is to start a great game (some might say massive) that many of you and many Rioters have asked us to create.” wrote on Twitter. When someone asked for confirmation of the genre, Street replied, “It’s an MMO. “No other details were given. However, it is safe to assume that the game will not be released for some time.

However, it is an interesting development. Riot Games is known for League of Legends, an extremely popular free-to-play MOBA (online multiplayer battle arena). The company expanded the brand, however, with an autocross spinoff called Team fighting tactics, a card game called The legends of Runeterra, and a mobile-optimized version of MOBA called Wild Rift. Riot is also working on a fighting game, an animated TV show and has an initiative called Riot Forge that allows third-party developers to make games in League of Legends universe. The first, called The ruined king, is due to appear early next year. In addition, Riot has an internal music team that creates virtual bands such as K / DA, True Damage and Pentakill.