Riot confirms he’s making a League of Legends MMO

League of Legends developer Riot Games is working on a massive online multiplayer (MMO) role-playing game League Universe, Riot’s vice president of IP and entertainment, Greg Street, posted on Twitter on Thursday.

“My recent job at Riot was to help develop the League universe, which we will need!” Street said. “My new task is to start a great game (some might say massive) that many of you and many Rioters have asked us to create.” If the intentional use of the word “massive” in that quote was not a sufficient suggestion, in a reply to another Twitter user, Street confirmed the game it’s an MMO.

The new MMO is not entirely surprising, as Riot has worked to expand League universe in other games and environments until late. Riot released a League-themed card game and a self-fighter. In 2021, the company plans to launch a mobile and console version of the main game, League of Legends: Wild Riftand a turn-based single-player spin-off RPG for consoles and PCs. An animated series, lasso, is also scheduled for 2021 and there are two League of Legends board games that further embody the tradition. Riot seems to follow the same formula as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, the studio even collaborated with Marvel for League comic books.

Street worked World of Warcraft for almost six years, according to his LinkedIn, so hopefully it can bring some of what made this game so successful in this new League MMO.