Riot announces League Of Legends MMO … in a tweet to a fan

Last night, my Twitter feed was very hectic about Riot Games announcing a League Of Legends MMO. However, this emotion did not come from the revelation itself, but rather was revealed the way it was. There was no big marketing ploy and no captivating teaser trailer, no – a Riot executive posted it on Twitter.

I bet their PR department has a day on the ground.

“My recent job at Riot was to help develop the League universe, which we will need!” IP Vice President and Entertainment Greg Street posted. “It simply came to our notice then. My new task is to start a great game (some might say massive) that many of you and many Rioters have asked us to create. “

He was probably quite teased that he said “massive”, which made the fans jump in his mentions and ask important questions.

“Tell me now … IS IT AN MMO?” Asked “@RichelleLOL”. “Will I be able to choose my waif clothes and hairstyle ?!”

Okay, cool, announce that right then.

Greg Street was the chief systems designer at World Of Warcraft at Blizzard for five years before moving to Riot, so it makes sense that he would be aware of their MMO.

Riot has since told PCGamer that, yes, this is something I do: “Greg’s tweet is our only official statement at the moment. I can confirm that he will be working on an online multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG). “

No specific details about this MMO have been shared yet, but it is supposed to be set in the League Of Legends universe, Runeterra. Street mentions that he is hiring for the game right now, so it might be some time before we find out more about this.

Riot seems pretty determined to hit a game in as many genres as possible right now. In the last few years, they have released the card game Legends Of Runeterra, the autohess fighter Teamfight Tactics and the first-person shooter Valorant. Then work on a LoL esports manager, a mysterious multiplayer game, a fighting game, the Conv / rgence singleplayer platform and the Ruined King tower RPG to get started.

They also have a successful virtual pop pop group and a series of cartoons on the way.

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