REPAM: Seminar on traditional indigenous medicine

In the fight against COVID-19 in the Amazon, the Panamanian Ecclesiastical Network is organizing a webinar seminar on December 10 on experiences of how indigenous peoples have found a way to resist the pandemic by using herbs to fight the virus. prevent its spread and save lives

Vatican News

The Socio-Ecological Justice and Good Life Axis of the Panamanian Ecclesiastical Network (REPAM) is organizing a webinar on December 10 on experiences of how indigenous peoples have found a way to resist the COVID-19 pandemic using herbs to combat prevent the virus from spreading and save lives.

Thirty-six thousand people died

The Amazon was one of the territories most affected by COVID-19 due not only to poor health infrastructure due to the successive neglect of governments, but also to contagions that came largely from abroad. According to REPAM reports of 7, there were 1,540,226 confirmed cases and 36,839 deaths. The document reads:

“But our brothers and sisters in the original peoples of Panama have managed to save traditional indigenous medicine through ancestral knowledge of plants, their healing and preventive properties, and their uses.”

Traditional medicine uses experiences

With this webinar seminar, they want brothers and sisters who have had experience using traditional indigenous medicine in the fight against COVID-19 to share their experiences of how they have worked and to be able to share their experiences in different Amazon countries.

“It’s about listening to the voice of those directly involved, so as to share their research, systematization and experiences. They are also expected to share some visual images of their experiences and report on their responses. “

This event also aims to identify knowledge, strengths of experiences, as well as weaknesses that may have existed and prospects for the future. It is about collecting experiences both in their curative results and in the cultural exchange it has generated. And also that experiences are changing in connection with the promotion of mental health, focusing the issue not only on physical medicine, but also on the approach to mental health in the approach to holistic health.

Exhibitors and organizer

This seminar will be attended by Betty Souza, an indigenous nurse from the Tikuna people of Colombia and representatives of Cáritas Madre de Dios, Peru and the Pe Institute. Ezequiel Ramin – IPER, from Brazil. The event takes place at 14:00, Ecuador time, 20:00 in Italy, Spain and Portugal and is broadcast on the YouTube of the Panamanian Ecclesiastical Network:

Socio-ecological justice of the Amazonian peoples

As a result of the seminar, it is expected to create spaces for the exchange and feedback of these experiences in different countries, in order to further strengthen the socio-ecological justice and the good life of the Amazonian peoples.

Alternatives to development

The axis of socio-ecological justice and good living of REPAM aims to build a consensus on developing the approach to good living from the proposals of indigenous and Amazonian peoples. People and institutions with work experience in alternatives to development, socio-ecological justice and training in sustainable practices participate in the axis.