Reggaeton retained Cuban reggaeton Ovi during his visit to Cuba

The Castro regime detained Ovi on Cuban reggaeton for eight hours during his visit to the island because he distributed money to young people in the neighborhood where he grew up, showing them that he wanted to form an uprising against the dictatorship.

The artist, along with his Mexican colleague Natanael Cano, wanted to help some Cubans with food, clothing and money, but a wizard is allegedly accused by the police.

“I went to see my family who had not seen her for about 3 years and I was very happy to be able to return to the country where I was born. I was helping the boys who grew up with me, I was helping my relatives. I had some problems there because the Cuban government is very strange. “

Expressed Ovi.

According to information confirmed by the Cuban reggaeton Ovi for the Gossip en Vivo program, state security agents took them prisoners when they were recording a video on public roads, and several young people had already concentrated on the site.

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“The police, the state security, the soldiers with dogs started to arrive (…) they told us that we have to accompany them and the rooms they brought”,

the reggaeton singer assured him.

Cuban Requetonero Ovi revealed that during the arrest, they began investigating them to see if they were financing a move against the regime, so they analyzed the records to see if they were being paid for a riot.

Despite being released eight hours later without any evidence against him, Natanael Cano reacted with anxiety, so she immediately returned to the United States because she is not used to this type of siege.

The young Cuban artist stated that he stayed two more days in Cuba with his family, with the satisfaction of being able to help the people in his neighborhood, who are plunged into deep poverty, thanks to the communist regime.

He also stated that the Mexican singer will not return to Cuba until there is freedom on the island.

During his stay on the island, Ovi posted videos and photos while sharing money and other resources with people and meeting family and friends.

Writing by Cubans around the world