Reese Witherspoon does not return from her monthly running / walking challenge

At the beginning of each month, Reese Witherspoon announces her last choice of Book Club and encourages fans to read with her. And, although this month was no different, it also started in December asking her descendants join another month-long activity: a running / walking challenge. Now, a few weeks later, the 44-year-old star is heading to the gram to share updates on how she remains uninjured and engaged in her independent challenge.

In a series of stories on Instagram posted on Monday, Witherspoon explained that for Day 8 of her challenge (which, among other things, seems to have an informal format, set your own goals), she opted for a workout on tape. ran to avoid running cold. He then shared a breakdown of his full-interval routine for anyone who might want to try it: keeping his inclination at 1 percent, Witherspoon alternated between walking for three minutes at 3.5-4 miles per hour and running for two minutes at 5.5-6 miles per hour for a total of 30 minutes.

If you find the treadmill boring, interval training may seem to pass faster than a monotonous, steady-paced race. And don’t forget, listening to the right music can help you turn a boring treadmill. Get it from Witherspoon, who also shared the playlist – Pure Motivation on Apple Music – which helped her power through her sweat.

Just a few days earlier this weekend, Witherspoon shared a look at the recovery routine during the run / walk challenge. In a video he posted on Instagram, Witherspoon goes through a series of foam rolling exercises, which, according to his legend, he learned from celebrity coach and fitness instructor Kadee Sweeney. “Some of you are doing a Run / Walk challenge with me this month. There’s still time to join us if you feel inclined,” Witherspoon wrote in the caption. “I thought I’d share @kadeefit’s daily routine ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ (Because it’s important to lie down!) ๐Ÿ˜ I hope you have a great workout!” (About: Reese Witherspoon swears the calming effects of yoga before a big event)

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In the video, Witherspoon starts by unfolding the buttocks with his feet in a four-legged position. Then she places the roller next to her hip to unwind her gluteal medial muscles, then appears to move down the bottom of the IT band. A slight tangent: whether or not you should use a foam roller on your IT belt is being debated in the fitness world. Many professionals warn that you should use foam that rolls only on muscles, not on joints, bones, ligaments or tendons. Weakening of a ligament, such as the IT band, which acts as a stabilizer for lateral movement of the knees, could actually encourage injury during training or even in everyday life. (See: Why Runners Shouldn’t Be Foam Spinning Their IT Tape)

Back to Witherspoon’s routine, where he then stretches his quads and stretches his hip flexors by pulling a knee to his chest, then crossing it. The mother of the two then moves the roller from under the pelvis to under the feet for glute bridges. (Making glute bridges can help counteract an anterior pelvic tilt, a common imbalance that is caused by excessive hip tilt.) Finally, to encourage shoulder flexibility, Witherspoon stretches the foam roller along the spine. vertebral and tilts from side to side; then, with his knees on the ground and his hands on the foam roller, he moves back and forth with his torso. Witherspoon seems to use a smooth roller and black foam, similar to Amazon Basics High density exercise, massage, muscle recovery, round foam roller (Buy it, 22 USD,

Witherspoon is wise to make foaming a part of her daily routine, as it can improve your flexibility, reduce exercise fatigue, and reduce your chances of experiencing pain beforehand. In other words, it is better to make foam rolling a habit than to rely only on it when you are extremely painful. (About: Which is better: a foam roller or a massage gun?)

Whether you’ve joined Witherspoon in her running / walking challenge or following a completely different workout routine, you can steal her * running exercises * and * foam running exercises for your own regime.

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