RBD. Filter a video of meeting rehearsals; a critique of Maite Perroni

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Anahí, Christopher Uckermann, Maite Perroni and Christian Chávez, successful band members RBD, set the final details for the virtual meeting they will perform in honor of the group’s musical heritage. A few days after the expected concert, it was over a video with rehearsals; However, netizens pointed out that not all singers have practiced enough choreography.

Instagram user @chamonic3 shared the video in which the four members of RBD can be seen practicing the choreography of their popular song “Behind me”, but some fans commented on that Maite Perroni had several errors at the time perform the dance steps.

(…)The clip features artists formed in a sort of pyramid, at the extremes of Christian Chávez and Anahí, while Maite Perroni and Christopher Uckermann is located in the center.

The four members who will be in the meeting perform the same dance steps, but in one of the shifts Maite Perroni makes a mistake and almost collides with Christopher, also some users pointed out that the singer is not coordinated and looks “a little stiff” when dancing.

Maite didn’t have breakfast or anything. ” “Q.let him practice more Maite “,” Ohobviously they won’t move like they used to “, were some of the comments they received on Instagram.

However, some fans commented that Anahí is the one who best performs the choreography for the concert that will take place next. December 26 as “a tribute to the Rebel generation.”

RBD meets before the virtual concert

A few days ago, Anahí shared a photo on Instagram in which she poses next to her bandmates. Everything indicates that the snapshot was taken during RBD studies.

This image already adds over 850 thousand “appreciations”. It is worth mentioning that Dulce María, who has just become a mother, and Poncho Herrera will not be part of the meeting.