Raleigh is one of the happiest cities in America

One of the happiest cities in the country is in North Carolina, according to a new report. Raleigh ranked third on the list of cities with the best environments that contribute to wellness, according to results published Friday by Men’s Health.

To build rankings, the magazine says it examined data from 100 of the most populous cities in the United States Through a study of data from the federal government and other sources, analysts determined where residents are most satisfied.

Raleigh earned a top spot on the list after receiving high marks in mental health. The category measures “mental health” as well as the rate of depression and suicide, according to the findings.

In their study, Men’s Health says they also weighed

  • The Community commitment of each city,
  • Access to housing
  • And other factors that contribute to physical, environmental and financial health.

Other happier cities in North Carolina

Men’s Health includes Durham at 12, Greensboro at 30, Charlotte at 33 and Winston-Salem at 46.

Overall, the results show that the happiest place was Lincoln, Nebraska. The other five charts were Madison, Wisconsin at number 2, Portland, Maine at no. 4 and Billings, Montana at number 5.

Detroit was the lowest city.

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