PS5 restock: the latest news on where to find PlayStation 5

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PS5 has been “there” for weeks, but there is nowhere to find it due to criminal resellers and Sony’s inability to make enough units. Here we offer you the latest updates so you can buy PS5 as soon as possible.

While refreshing, you can read our detailed review of the PS5.


  • The latest repository has sold out at Best Buy.
  • The last restock was sold at Walmart.
  • CAREFUL: There could be more rebates on Amazon, Sony and other chains this week.

Where to buy PS5

PS5: Check availability at Walmart NOW
Walmart launched Black Friday with new PS5 units on November 25, but they only lasted 25 minutes. Now keep adding units from time to time, so keep giving refresh!
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PS5: Check availability on Amazon
Everyone is waiting for the PS5 to appear on Amazon, so you will have to be vigilant to fight the hordes of Mordor and get yourself. Amazon is the store that has probably the most units available, but also the one with the largest audience. It’s war, so be careful until they show up.
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Where to buy PS5: quick links

This is the list of PS5 units available on the day of the launch of the new Sony console.

Where to buy the PS5 digital edition: Quick links

Where to buy PS5 accessories

PS5 Pulse 3D headset: $ 99.99 on Amazon
I’ve had a hard time finding the PS5 Pulse 3D headphones so far, but Amazon has had units available for $ 99.99 so far. Stay cool and check out Best Buy as the units continue to appear.
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PS5 DualSense charging station: $ 29.99 and Best Buy
Best Buy has the charging station for DualSense PS5 controllers available for in-store pickup at various locations. You can also buy it from GameStop if you want it delivered to your home.

PS5 HD Camera: $ 59.99 on Amazon
If you want to use the PlayStation VR headset with your new PS5, you should buy an HD camera right away. Fortunately, Amazon has it in stock today. See the offer

Save $ 10 for some PS5 games: Starting at $ 49.99 on Amazon
Some PS5 games have a $ 10 discount on Amazon right now. Best Buy also has them available if you are a Member Rewards member (see below), but Amazon includes Spider-Man in its discounts: Miles Morales, among others, and Best Buy does not.
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My Best Buy members save $ 10 on some PS5 games: $ 59.99 $ 49.99 and Best Buy
My Best Buy members will save $ 10 in in-store rewards when purchasing selected PS5 games today. Membership is free.
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