Princess Sofia of Sweden cleans the toilets and serves food at COVID Hospital

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He Sophiahemmet Hospital, in the city of Stockholm, the capital Sweden, was not only cared for by nurses and doctors during this pandemic. Also, in the tasks that had to be performed at this time, Princess Sofia Cristina, who since 2016 is the honorary president of the hospital.

Local television SVT published a note in which he recounted the services performed by some members of the royal family, emphasizing Princess Sofia for the activities you carry out, helping with cooking and cleaning of hospital facilities as corridors and toilets.

“I felt I had to work as hard as I could,” Sofia said., which has been helping with hospital activities since April last year, the month in which the health emergency began to hit the European continent.

Princess Sofia had COVID

Princess Sofia caught a coronavirus A few weeks ago with her husband, Prince Carlos Felipe, and it is estimated that both could have contracted the disease due to the work of the princess in the hospital.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, in Sweden there are currently registered 367,120 confirmed cases and 7,993 deaths, a number that represents only 2% of mortality.