Pope Francis’ Instagram account seems to “appreciate” another model’s photo

Pope Francis’ official Instagram account seems to have “liked” the image of a second model.

An image circulating on social networks seems to show that the account has an image of Margot Foxx dressed in a tight and black swimsuit.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

The self-described “tiddy queen” and the OnlyFans model responded to the holier-than-holy approval of her content, saying, “hey thats me. “

Although this might just be a fancy Photoshop trick, it seems to have happened before.

Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto claimed that the leader of the Catholic Church shone for a moment in her dress with a very small school outfit.

Later, she posted a short video on her account, which showed to show such things on her photo from the Pope’s account.

Joking about it on Twitter, she said, “At least I’m going to heaven.”

Natalia Garibotto's picture was liked by the Pope's Instagram account.  Credit: Instagram / @nataagataa
Natalia Garibotto’s picture was liked by the Pope’s Instagram account. Credit: Instagram / @nataagataa
Pope Francis' Instagram account captured the model's picture
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It seems that the video has since been removed by Garibotto – perhaps at the request of the Vatican?

Speaking to Barstool Sports at the time, she said: “My mother may hate my bottom photos, but the Pope will be twice.”

The posting was quickly unpleasant and the official press office of the Holy See launched this vague response.

“We can rule out the fact that the ‘like’ came from the Holy See and turned to Instagram for explanations,” said a Vatican spokesman.

Ah yes, it’s Instagram’s fault for the accidental like.

According to the Catholic news agency, the Pope’s social channels are controlled by a team of employees and an internal investigation has been launched.

LADbible addressed the Vatican for comment.