Photos with Kimberly Loaiza, spreading fear after launching emails

Journalist and youtuber expert Ivan Plascencia, who has his own channel Es Neta and where he shared information about the latest from Kimberly Loaiza, Juan de Dios PantojaLizbeth Rodríguez and Team Fénix raised their voices via YouTube to tell them they had received an anonymous email indicating that it was a “massive leak”.

As Ivan shared yesterday, he was quite impressed with the receipt of this anonymous email suggesting that some photos are about to be disseminated en masse and claiming to be just a warning, because in addition to the indication “the following information to come ”” attached what appears to be a Photo cut where a lot of skin looks.

Host Es Neta stressed that he will not be part of the “media show” and that he is really concerned about the health of those involved, mainly Kimberly Loaiza. Ivan Plascencia stressed that he will not disseminate the images, if they exist and that no one should.

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The young man pointed out that the youtuber Kimberly Loaiza is in an advanced state of pregnancy and that the social pressure due to the alleged leak of personal photos could affect her both emotionally and physically; so people should put themselves in their place and if these images get their hands on them, don’t spread them.

Ivan Plascencia pointed out that he will not do what he does not want to be done, so he invited internet users to support his wife Juan de Dios Pantoja and to protect your privacy.


The commotion started after the Phoenix team got annoyed Lizbeth Rodriguez and Badabun, after putting characters in Phoenix Roast, representing and mocking them. The Youtuber from Tijuana was represented as a very chic horse with the silhouette of a woman and was subdued in the video; on the other hand, he was a man with a pig mask and a “B” identical to Badabun on his forehead.

After the broadcast of this video, Lizbeth Rodríguez stayed on the sidelines and shared only on her Twitter account the phrase “are you hungry?”; And even Iván Plascencia himself contacted her and pointed out that she was too busy to focus on spoiled and ungrateful children.

However, Juan de Dios Pantoja shared on his Twitter account that the former host of Exposing Infidels had claimed to have in his possession quite personal photos of Kimberly Loaiza, which the Tactics performer fears. Phoenix Cake.

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Youtuber Mazatlan pointed out that Badabun entered his mobile phone from where he obtained information and images to try to keep them under control, hence the video that caused a huge agitation a few months ago and almost cost him his relationship with The greatest gentleness and in it were very personal photos she sent him.

There I heard that LIZBETH said she had some private photos of Kim (photos she sent me), they already know that the damn BADADOGS were in my cell, BUTOOOOOOO responsible will be Lizbeth Rodriguez and BadaArdidos if something comes out, he wrote your social network tactical interpreter.

Pantoja pointed out that Kim Loaiza is the one who enters the least in this type of controversy and against whom she goes the most, which she really regrets; However, he is always there to support the mother of the children, who are currently in the seventh month of pregnancy.