Phase 3 HIV vaccine after many years of study

Eduardo Najar
Latin Agency for News Medicine and Public Health

Mankind has had to wait 10 long years to get an effective and safe vaccine to control one of the pathogens that most affects the immune system

The scientific and health community celebrates that a prototype human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) vaccine has encouraging features to prevent transmission and later become AIDS. There have been many studies since the origin of the pathogen to avoid the most chronic diagnosis of the virus.

Recently, the Jansen company announced that its third-stage vaccine, the preparation of which is similar to that of COVID-19, creates a modified adenovirus of the genetic material in which some proteins are used that allow entry into various cells. the interaction and potency of the immune system in creating antibodies against the desired agent.

“Indeed, there are two vaccines that are planned for this virus, one in which three proteins have been coded, and in the other four, this mixture is called a mosaic,” said Antonio Fernández, a researcher at the pharmaceutical company.

Drug studies

The tests performed on Jansen’s drug show promising results, as he approved each of the tests performed that deepen its efficacy and safety, because the creation of antibodies was remarkable, however, more studies are needed for this efficacy to be validated in conditions True or real, the process will take about two to three years.

The rarity of clinical trials and the difficulty in finding a vaccine lies in the fact that this virus has the ability to move and change its structure very quickly, which greatly affects science in finding specific variables to counteract its effects.

“Being pressed (by the cells of the immune system) changes its external appearance and escapes. What this drug does is that it targets different variants of the gag, pol and env proteins of the virus, which makes it more difficult to avoid the action of the antibodies created “, explained José Molto, a doctor who will be part of the process and a member of Foundation for the fight against AIDS.

It is estimated that the various advances and clinical trials that will be performed in volunteers may be effective, because when working with various agents involved in the mutation of the virus, the probability of success is higher. The medical community and the general population are waiting for the end of one of the viruses that attacked the most and caused deaths a few years ago.


The country. An HIV vaccine enters the final phase of studies for the first time in more than 10 years. Available at: 10-May-to-ani.html