Pharmacist injected with four doses of Pfizer vaccine: report

An Israeli pharmacist is indeed protected against COVID-19 – after being accidentally injected with four doses of Pfizer shot, according to a report.

Uday Azizi, a pharmacist at Maccabi Healthcare Services, said he was feeling well after being sent to a hospital for monitoring because he had wrongly received the extra money, the Times of Israel reported.

The health worker who administered the jab apparently did not realize that each bottle of Pfizer contains several doses – usually five, but sometimes even more, according to the dose.

Azizi said that so far he has experienced only mild and frequent side effects – local pain and a certain redness at the injection site.

“I have no problem taking four doses again,” he said. “Let’s be optimistic … about the vaccine, the whole situation and the new year, maybe”

The pharmacist said he would probably have to receive the second dose of vaccine in three weeks – and encouraged others not to be afraid of inoculation.