Pence Receives Covid Vaccine On TV As The FDA Panel Moderna – Live | recommends American news

3:03 PM


It’s Joe Biden’s biggest foreign policy headache. In addition to confronting the Covid pandemic, the President-elect faces a more familiar problem: Russia. Moscow’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election cast a shadow over US politics for four years.

And now the Kremlin seems to have struck again. This week, details emerged of an unprecedented cyber attack on US government services. In early March, suspected Russian hackers entered Washington’s signature institutions.

They include the trade and treasury departments, homeland security, nuclear labs and the Pentagon, as well as leading Fortune companies. For months the Russian spies roamed at will, seemingly unnoticed. Only now are officials investigating the damage.

The hacking is a relentless reminder of how Vladimir Putin and the KGB agents around him view the world. They consider the US to be the main opponent or main enemy. This hostile Cold War mindset persists regardless of whether a Trump or a Biden is in the White House.





Pence receives the Pfizer vaccine because the FDA panel recommends the Moderna vaccine