Paty Navidad assures that the vaccine against COVID-19 will turn us into ROBOTS

Paty Christmas returns to scandals on social networks, after making sure that Vaccine covid-19 the era of “transhumanism” will officially begin, where people will be transformed into simple people toil.

Do not forget that Paty Christmas She became one of the most controversial Mexican artists of this 2020; because on several occasions he caused great controversy with his views on the pandemic Coronavirus.

From the beginning, the actress stressed that the pandemic is part of a grand plan made by the great elites to implement the new world order (NWO), whose main goal is to gain complete control over the population.

Paty Navidad talks about the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine

In this way, Paty Navidad pointed out that through COVID-19 These dark elites have managed to manipulate the population at will, such as keeping them locked in their own homes and forcing them to wear face masks.

paty Christmas covid19

Paty Navidad talks about the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine

Also actress caused a lot of controversy on his social networks talking about the dangers Coronavirus vaccine, which he defined as a nanotechnology experiment with which they will modify human DNA.

“They will genetically modify us (DNA) and officially initiate ERA Transhumanism, they will be able to connect to a quantum computer and use us as robots.”

They were part of the controversial views of Paty Christmas in accordance with Vaccine covid-19. Comments that have generated all kinds of responses among Internet users, from those who support her idea to those who accuse her of being irresponsible for exchanging false and alarmist information.

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It is worth mentioning that the actress was recently among the most controversial titles of The Truth News after posting a video on his social networks, where he was presented in a public space without the use of a mask.

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