Pati Chapoy will leave Ventaneando, they say

Goodbye, Pati Chapoy? No, it’s not that the famous entertainment journalist will be fired wrapping, but revealed that indeed the head of information for the entertainment program TV Azteca will leave the show.

In the YouTube program Argüende TV it was revealed that Party hats he will leave Ventaneando and not only that, but he will announce his retirement from television. According to the program, anyone watching TV Azteca will only wait for the end of his conflict with singer Gloria Trevi to withdraw completely from the small screen.

They specified that in January 2021 Ventaneando will reach 25 years of transmission; However, this program will not be another year, as it is expected to end with the retirement of Pati Chapoy in mid-2021. But TV Azteca is not wasting time and already has the perfect replacement for Chapoy: Mónica Garza.

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It was revealed that in the middle of 2021 Garza will start recording a show that will replace the emblematic Ventaneando, will also have the talent of Ricardo Majarez and will be under the baton of Laura Suárez, the current producer of Venga La Alegría.

For the second half of January 2021 they will start recording a program of shows under the direction and direction of Mónica Garza; this will be your long-awaited return to the world of entertainment. It will be the program that replaces “Ventaneando”, they distributed it on Argüende TV.

They pointed out that, after the end of the problem with Gloria Trevi, the spectators will be able to enjoy Pati Chapoy for only a month or two. Aztec TV.

When Pati Chapoy faces Gloria Trevi, “Ventaneando” will last another month or two, the time she has in the air, she will share with the program Mónica Garza, apparently Mónica Castañeda will be in the team writing, Ricardo Manjarrez as reporter and a complete renewal of drivers. It will be under the baton of Laura Suárez, who is currently producing “En sus Batallas” in “Venga la Alegría”.

It should be noted that Mónica Garza was at one time part of Ventaneando, but also in other famous productions, such as “Her Engaged Stories”, this program will mark her return to television.

This announcement comes amid rumors that it provides Daniel Need He could be fired not only from Ventaneando, but also lose his contract with TV Azteca.

According to a famous entertainment magazine, the driver Ventaneando was punished with a month without work or pay for his conflict with the entertainment journalist Javier Ceriani from Chisme No Like.

Daniel Bisogno started to speak ill of Ceriani on the show after learning that he had an exclusivity, showing the false news and throwing a series of discouraging adjectives for the journalist.

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Many say that this conflict was a trap on his part Party hats to finally remove El Muñe de Ventaneando. The businessmen of the television station were not amused by the new Bisogno scandal and proceeded to give him an exemplary punishment, his forced rest in what they see what will happen to him. There are people who make sure that this will mark the loss of your contract.

Prior to this conflict, Daniel Bisogno faced a supporter of the current president of Mexico, a conflict in which he threw out adjectives that were not appropriate for the president and which are said to have put not only El Muñe in serious trouble, but and the entire production.