Pacific Coast League withdraws from the old structure of the Minor League – The Athletic

The Pacific Coast League, one of two leagues that play at the Triple-A level, has officially withdrawn from the old Minor League Baseball structure. The departure of the PCL comes on the eve of a deadline set by Major League Baseball on Friday for 120 minor league teams that agree to continue to remain an official MLB affiliate.

PCL is the first league believed to have left MiLB or, as it is technically called, the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues. On the one hand, such a departure has become inevitable, as the general structure of the MiLB, as well as the individual leagues of minors, are disbanded and reorganized – even if some names are retained. (For example, both the terms “Pacific Coast League” and “Minor League Baseball” are expected to continue, but will refer to completely new settings.)

But the PCL decision caused a stir on Thursday night among the minor leagues …