Óscar Ortiz, Secretary General of the FMLN, admitted to the ISSS for bronchopneumonia News from El Salvador

He reported on Wednesday through his Twitter account that he was stable, but took control to rule out complications.

FMLN Secretary General Óscar Ortiz is being admitted to a national hospital while overstepping a picture of bronchopneumonia, as he himself reported via his Twitter account.

“I tell myself that I am stable and I have improved my health. With the trust of God and the full support of the doctors, I hope to recover very soon. Thank you for solidarity and prayers “, wrote Farabundista.

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Deputies from his party said last night that they had information that he was in poor health, but could not confirm whether he had COVID-19.

While deputy Cristina Cornejo confirmed for El Diario de Hoy that Ortiz was admitted for COVID-19.

For the moment, Ortiz himself clarified: “Good morning! Taking preventive measures and following the protocols indicated by doctors, in front of an image of bronchopneumonia, I put myself under control in the ISSS to exclude any situation in time “, the left-wing politician reported this morning.