Objectives and landmarks: Tigres 2-1 LAFC from the Concacaf Champions League 2020 | 12/23/2020

12:16 AM 5 hours ago

At this point

The Tigers are currently receiving their Concachampions Medal.

12:08 AM 5 hours ago


Thank you for watching the Concachampions final between the Tigers and LAFC. See you next year.

12:06 5 hours ago

Champion Goleo

With the second goal, Gignac became the goal-scoring champion with six goals in this competition.

12:04 AM 5 hours ago

At the Club World Cup

Tigres is proclaimed CONCACAF champion and in February will participate in the Club World Cup, where he could face Bayern Munich.

12:02 AM6 hours ago

Goodbye drought

Lucky for the fourth time and the Tigers finally win an international title and participate in the Club World Cup.

23:56 6 hours ago

90 ‘

Add three minutes.

23:56 6 hours ago

90 ‘

Lopez shoots from distance.

23:54 6 hours ago

88 ‘

Murillo leaves and Rodriguez enters. LAFC change.

23:53 6 hours ago

86 ‘

Changing the Tiger. Eduardo Tercero enters and Javier Aquino leaves injured.

23:49 6 hours ago

83 ‘

Lopez overflowed in the area, but Angelina’s defensive line rejected the ball.

23:47 6 hours ago

And yes, Tuca smiled …

23:42 6 hours ago

76 ‘

Meza’s header goes to the corner.

23:40 6 hours ago

74 ‘

Ayala leaves injured and enters Meza.

23:33 6 hours ago

67 ‘

Ginella enters and Cifuentes leaves, instead of LAFC.

23:31 6 hours ago

65 ‘

Carlos Vela’s shot falls to Chaka. Near LAFC.

23:29 6 hours ago

62 ‘

Tigres steals the ball, but Gignac and Quiñones’s shot is taken by the defense.

23:23 6 hours ago

56 ‘

Opoku shot that deflects a timely defense from a corner.

23:21 6 hours ago

55 ‘

Carlos Vela tries to claim the ball but it goes too far.

23:20 6 hours ago

54 ‘

LAFC is gradually taking possession of the ball, but it’s still deep.

23:15 6 hours ago

48 ‘

Long range shot from Gignac that goes off target.

23:14 6 hours ago

48 ‘

At the break, LAFC made a change. Opoku came in and Musovsky came out.

23:13 6 hours ago

47 ‘

Chaka deflects the ball and accepts a hand to the side.

23:11 6 hours ago

46 ‘

The second half begins.

22:54 7 hours ago

Half the time

Tigers 0-0 LAFC.

22:53 7 hours ago

45 ‘

Add two more minutes.

22:52 7 hours ago

45 ‘

Central shot by Aquinas.

22:50 7 hours ago

43 ‘

Dueñas is facing blows again and is now knocking down Carlos Vela. There will be a direct free kick.

22:45 7 hours ago

37 ‘

Dueñas pushed hard on Blessing and without a yellow card.

22:41 7 hours ago

34 ‘

Carlos Vela tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands.

22:39 7 hours ago

33 ‘

Long shot by Jesús Dueñas who goes very far.

22:39 7 hours ago

32 ‘

Quiñones service in the small area that rejects the defensive corner.

22:33 7 hours ago

26 ‘

Rossi’s medium-range shot that goes over the top.

22:32 7 hours ago

25 ‘

Outside the place that marks Gignac.

22:30 7 hours ago

2. 3 ‘

The ball remains in the area after the header of Vela and Nahuel keeps the ball.

22:29 7 hours ago

21 ‘

Hand that punishes Leo Fernandez when he claims a foul on the borders of the area.

22:25 7 hours ago

18 ‘

Foul shot of Carlos Vela that was sent near the left post of Nahuel. ‘

22:24 7 hours ago

17 ‘

They fouled a LAFC player from inside the box, but the whistle did not signal anything.

22:21 7 hours ago

14 ‘

Strong collision on the edge of the area between Rossi and Ayala.

22:20 7 hours ago

14 ‘

Carlos Vela’s service that rejects the university’s defense.

22:18 7 hours ago

10 ‘

Cross by Leo Fernandez from the left wing.

22:16 7 hours ago

8 ‘

Cross by Leo Fernandez in a free kick that loses the second post.

22:13 7 hours ago

6 ‘

A service that was delayed when Fernandez tried to connect with Quiñones.

22:10 7 hours ago

3 ‘

Gignac’s head in the goalkeeper’s hands.

22:10 7 hours ago

3 ‘

Quiñones fouls and there will be a direct free kick for Tigres.

22:07 7 hours ago

0 ‘

The match has just began between Tigres and LAFC.

22:05 7 hours ago

The flight is done

Pizarro and Vela are with the referees for tonight’s flight.

22:02 8 hours ago

I’m starting to leave

The Tigers and LAFC are leaving the locker room and will now make their presentation on the field.

21:58 8 hours ago


We’re a few seconds away from the start of the match between LAFC and Tigri din Orlando.

21:54 8 hours ago

How many goals will Gignac score tonight?

21:50 8 hours ago

This is the trophy that the winner will win

21:48 8 hours ago

The only victory for MLS

The only time an MLS team defeated an MX League club was in 1997 when DC United defeated Toluca FC by a single goal.

21:43 8 hours ago

US Championship

Galaxy in 1997 and Real Salt Lake in 2011 were the American teams that lost the Concachampions final.

21:41 8 hours ago

Last time…

The last time an American team won this competition was in 2000 with the Los Angeles Galaxy after beating Olympia 3-2 in the final.

21:38 8 hours ago

If you missed the LAFC program

21:36 8 hours ago

With a lot of experience

21:32 8 hours ago

The goleo champion is also defined

21:29 8 hours ago

They will not miss the game

Both Javier Aquino and André Gignac, who were dubious until yesterday and did not train, will be on the field today without any problems, being key players in the cat attack.

21:27 8 hours ago

Same alignment

Bob Bradley decides not to move him to the stop he had against America and repeats the same 11 players to try to win the championship.

21:26 8 hours ago


Vermeer; Blackmon, Murillo, Segura, Palacios; Kaye, Blessing, Cifuentes; Candle, Musovski, Rosi.

21:23 8 hours ago

XI Tigers

Guzmán: Salcedo, Ayala, Rodríguez, Dueñas; Carioca, Pizarro, Aquino, Quiñones; Fernandez, Gignac.

21:22 8 hours ago

To break the curse

21:19 8 hours ago

That’s how LAFC came about

21:13 8 hours ago

Taking care of Gignac

21:06 8 hours ago

All of Mexico is Tigers

21:01 9 hours ago

They’ve already arrived at the stadium

20:56 9 hours ago

This will be the ball

20:51 9 hours ago

I started

Today is defined the champion Concachampions done Tigres and LAFC is looking for its first international title. Let’s start with the coverage.

20:46 9 hours ago

Tune in here

Don’t miss a detail of the match with VAVEL’s live updates and comments. Follow us with all the details, comments, analysis and range for this Tigers vs LAFC match.

20:41 9 hours ago

90 minutes away

We must remember that the final is played as a single match and, in case of a tie, there will be no extra time and a penalty kick will be mandatory.

20:36 9 hours ago

How to watch Tigers vs LAFC Fina: Live TV and Stream

20:26 9 hours ago

Key player Tigers

20:16 9 hours ago

Last LAFC line

Vermeer; Blackmon, Murillo Segura, Palacios; Kaye, Atuesta, Cifuentes, Rossi; Candle, Musovski.

20:11 9 hours ago

The last Tigers band

Guzman; Rodriguez, Ayala, Salcedo, Duenas; Quinones, Pizarro, Carioca, Aquino; Fernandez, Gignac.

20:06 9 hours ago

LAFC: the end of Mexican hegemony

Since 2000, an American team has failed to win the title, a problem that will try to break the leadership of Bob Bradley.

20:01 10 hours ago

Tigers: winning an international trophy

The Tigers will be looking to win their first international title, remembering that they have already lost this competition three times.

19:56 10 hours ago

Start time

The Tigres vs LAFC Impact match will be played at Orlando City Stadium, Florida. Start is scheduled at 22:00 ET.

19:51 10 hours ago

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