Niurka changes her look and confuses her with Belinda I’m the same!

Niurka Marcos became a topic of conversation on social networks thanks to a video he recently shared on his Instagram account, in which he is proud of new look which he adopted to celebrate the Christmas holidays in the hot Yucatan lands.

Besides being one of the most controversial women in the Mexican entertainment industry, it is well known that Niurka Marcos He won the public’s affection because of the iconic phrases that emerge from them, but also because he proved to be quite versatile when it comes to his style.

Through her Instagram account, the Cuban star wanted to show her new look in front of his followers, who consist of blond and curly hair. Along with this clip, the celebrity gave advice about self-love, which was applauded by many.

Niurka Marcos // Instagram

Niurka Marcos has shown her versatility by presenting different looks in recent years.

Niurka changes her look and drives Instagram crazy

The video you shared Niurka Marcos on his Instagram account he managed to exceed 35 thousand likes in just a few days, but what is striking about this post is that several of his followers compared “La mujer escándalo” to Belinda caused this.

“Belinda in 20 Years,” “So I Thought” and “Is It Belinda?” are just a few of the comments that compare it to Belinda, which can be found in the publication of Juan Osorio’s former partner in Instagram.

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Comments Fans Niurka // Instagram

Niurka fans compared her to Belinda because of her new look.

Another comment that can be read in the video are hundreds of compliments that Niurka received from his loyal fans, who assured him that this new look it makes you look sexier than ever.

Do you think there is a resemblance between Belinda and Niurka? Do you like the new Cuban look? Leave your answer in the comments, at The Truth News is interested in your opinion.

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