Nintendo surprise-drops more physical rewards of my Nintendo, teases Bravely Default

A notebook and a calendar

My Nintendo has added rewards to a regular cadence now and there are two more to go before the holidays.

Now they probably won’t that’s enough before the New Year, but there are still a lot of new things to spend your points on.

So here is the first reward: a “Mario & Luigi Eco Notebook” for 800 Platinum points.

It’s a 144-page, 6 “x 9” notebook with Mario on the cover and Luigi on the back.

The second reward is a 2021 calendar (exactly on time) for 400 Platinum points. It has 6 “x 6” and contains characters from Nintendo history, not just Mario. He was recently seen in other regions and made his way to North America.

As a reminder, you can follow a few easy points through this final guide here: yyou can easily earn enough for the calendar in less than 15 minutes. Oh, and one more thing.

Buried in the news station with 100 Platinum Point reward for recently Default brave II the demo is a test for a physical reward of some kind. Here’s the goal: “Earn 100 Platinum points when you download this game demo before the game launches. You can save them for the future Default brave II reward once available. “

Oh really? Also, we’re still waiting for that The Age of Calamity panel art reward.

Get ready for New Year 2021 with New My Nintendo Rewards! [My Nintendo]

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