Nintendo blocks Switch games from extreme discounts to eShop

While the Nintendo Switch is an excellent system, one of its biggest flaws must be the eShop. In addition to being slow and difficult to navigate, certain tabs – such as the best-selling page or the best-selling page – were often full of dubious games of varying quality. The mentioned games became visible only because the developers realized that if you value the games for a small amount, you can manipulate the system and reach the top, regardless of the quality. After all, what can potential buyers lose when a game costs only a penny?

Well, things seem to be changing – and they have been for some time, according to a recent report in Simon Carless’s GameDiscoverCo newsletter. According to Carless, Nintendo has previously maintained the possibility of allowing games that cost a single cent from the list of bestsellers. Indeed, when Polygon checked it out on Thursday afternoon, there were only games that cost at least $ 1.99 and over listed on the Nintendo Switch eShop bestseller tab.

Changes are also underway for the Great Deals tab, which is largely populated by well-known games or low-priced titles that also cost at least $ 1.99. Nintendo did not immediately provide comments. Granted, $ 1.99 is still extremely cheap for a video game, but at least having a bar for what you can qualify for can help stop some shenanigans.

It seems that a stopgap has also been implemented to prohibit developers from offering “discounts” of 100% to players who already owned a game from their catalog, the report notes. Given the continued success of Nintendo Switch sales, along with the number of games released each week, it’s no wonder that game creators are looking for all the benefits they can get.