Ni Zague !, Gabriel Soto fully exposed on video

They forgot about Zague! With the video that appeared on social networks about the beautiful soap opera actor Gabriel Soto, many say that Paola Rojas’ ex was forgotten.

And it’s that beautiful boyfriend of his Irina Baeva he was exposed on social networks, where you can see a video in which he is in a very personal moment for him and which is exposed a lot by Gabriel Soto.

Some people are one hundred percent sure that the man in the video is the blond actor, because at least three tattoos that he usually shows in his photos on social networks can be identified. These tattoos can be found on Gabriel Soto’s arm, chest and hip and now certainly on the minds of his millions of followers.

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The video in which you can see how the celebrity focuses on his well-defined torso and abdomen shows much more and tends to Gabriel Soto on social networks in the early morning.

In the movements of the camera, the face of the filmmaker can be seen not very clearly; however, until some people have captured the moment when you can see the actor’s face.

Until now, it is not known if the video of Irina Baeva’s boyfriend had a recipient or how it reached social networks; it is certain that it caused an enormous agitation.

So far, the recording can be seen on various Twitter profiles and neither the handsome actor nor Irina Baeva have talked about the images.

This video reminded many that it was released a few years ago; at the time, the revolt was for commentator and former footballer Zague. The recording took on enormous importance after many described the famous as handsome. This was not the only video that was broadcast from sportscaster; however, it was the most outrageous, given that it cost him to marry the beautiful Paola Rojas.

The scandal became enormous when he discovered that the video was directed at another girl and not at his wife, who was also criticized for the situation and ended up breaking up with him.

Now, many internet users say that zag he will be forgotten with the images of Gabriel Soto, because he was also described as very graceful.

Gabriel Soto had very divided opinions on social networks, after he broke up with his wife Geraldine Bazán, with whom he had two daughters and officially started a relationship with Irina Baeva.

According to Soto’s ex, Irina herself was the one who clearly showed that there was something between her and Gabriel Soto, certainly her goal being what she achieved, separating one of the most beloved couples in the show.

Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva were working together when the revolt came. To say about Geraldine BazánDue to a work holiday, she noticed the Russian actress’ complicit looks and insinuations towards her husband. That day they quarreled and everything began to fall apart.

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However, the blond actor has always shown how responsible his love for his daughters is and has responded very positively to the maintenance and other expenses he covers for his daughters and his ex-wife.

So far, the couple has not discussed marriage, despite the fact that Soto is already a free man. They claim that Irina Baeva did not want to join her partner in this way with which, despite this, she has a very stable relationship.