NBA, Rockets watch a video with James Harden partying at an exotic club, the star could miss the opening in every report

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The Houston Rockets may not have the centerpiece of the franchise in the opening season against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The NBA is looking for a video circulating online of James Harden seen at a party exotic club and without a mask, after ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. If the video is considered recent, it would mean that it violated the league’s COVID-19 protocols and could jeopardize availability for Wednesday’s game.

Harden’s name has appeared in the last few months for all the wrong reasons. He was seen attending parties in Atlanta and Vegas during the ongoing pandemic, while the Rockets were starting training camp in Houston. The single MVP caused a stir when it was reported that he would like to be transferred to a fighting team, with the 76ers, Nets, Heat and Bucks on his roster. The relationship between Harden and the Rockets franchise has been on the ice in recent months, as the team has undergone changes both in the front office and on the field.

Head coach Mike D’Antoni resigned at the end of the season after the Rockets lost in the second round of the playoffs against the Lakers, and general manager Daryl Morey also decided to leave the team and now serves as president of the Sixers.

Houston traded Russell Westbrook to witchcraft with John Wall after Westbrook told the team he wanted no changes to the organization’s culture. It seems that there was also a tension between Westbrook and Harden due to the preferential treatment received by Harden and the lack of responsibility given to him by the franchise for the late presentation at the film screenings and the team flights for the away games.

If Harden’s video circulating on social media is recently considered by the NBA, it would be the latest headache for the Rockets involving their best player. During the summer, the perennial All-Star had COVID-19, which required him to be late to join the Rockets in the NBA ball. Harden has already had to quarantine and give negative results several times during the summer, before the restart, and when he appeared late at training camp, there is now a possibility that he will miss several games in the regular season, in depending on how long the league requires it to be quarantined. .

The league has implemented several health and safety protocols for this season due to the pandemic, which prohibits players from participating in any bars, restaurants or clubs. If players do not follow these guidelines, they may be suspended or fined.