NASA tracks giant Christmas asteroid heading for Earth at 22,000 mph

Forget Santa, someone is writing a letter to Bruce Willis! A massive Christmas asteroid is moving toward Earth at 22,000 mph.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … or, if it weren’t for the current pandemic, the general unhappiness of 2020 and the paralyzing feeling of fear that ruminates all year long.

Christmas will be a little different this time. We will all have to make changes to our usual, probably hectic festivities. Smaller houses, fluttering out of houses, rather than hugs. Oh, to sweeten the nut, there’s a giant asteroid heading our way.

It is wild above the atmosphere, up there in the unknown sea, with asteroids flying to Earth at fast speeds, chasing a bullet. It happens all the time, although it would be a great cause for concern if someone were to run the risk of colliding directly with the Earth, for the most part, they rise right next to us. Sometimes meteorites fall to the surface, but rarely cause major damage or injury.

We are waiting for a number of asteroids until Christmas day. On Christmas Eve, a small asteroid will fly a distance of 733,288 miles.

However, as we all open our presents and enjoy the chocolate and maybe enjoy a little peak, a strong rock will make its way past our planet.

The wonderful Asteroid 501647 title (2014 SD224) will make its way across Earth on December 25 at 20.20 EST, around 1.20 GMT. It has a diameter of 92-210m – so it could be taller than the Space Needle in Seattle.

He currently travels at over 22,000 mph. For reference, it is over 10 times faster than a .50 caliber bullet, 16 times faster than Concorde and 791 times faster than Usain Bolt running across the sky.

Unfortunately for stardom, don’t expect to see 501647 flying above the clouds like Santa’s sleigh on Christmas day. It will not be visible from Earth, so don’t worry about closing your eyes, falling asleep and missing something.

You would probably have a better chance of seeing Santa when he finishes his deliveries, because the asteroid is 1,877,410 miles away from us.

The only one Deep Impact we need to worry that this Christmas is the emotional turmoil of existence on Earth.