Morbid ?: This is the gift Kim Kardashian wants to give to her most disadvantaged fans

kim Kardashian, the socialite of the moment, decided to bring a gift to her followers, but in exchange for something very morbid. It will be through an initiative he just announced on his official Twitter account in which he promises to give $ 500 to a thousand of his fans who show that they and no one else deserve this Christmas present. How? Remembering the saddest story of their lives.

??Hello, boys! We are in the most beautiful time of the year. I know that the year 2020 was very difficult and that there are many people who face problems. Worried about not knowing how to pay the rent, put food on the table, or put a present for their children under the tree?

Despite the fact that her followers have already joined, there are those who have criticized her. “Kim turned this beautiful gesture into an advertising campaign “, commented one of her fans.