Miley Cyrus becomes a “cheerleader” and shows her buttocks: “Attack positions”

Miley Cyrus is the queen of the music industry when it comes to providing evocative performances. Ever since she decided to bury her most childish image of the Disney girl forever, the Tennessee singer has never had a cast exploit his sexuality to the fullest, gradually becoming an expert in the infinite arts of provocation.

A few weeks ago, Cyrus released his new album, “Plastic Heart”and now, as part of your promotional campaign, collaborated with the NFL network (subscription television channel owned by National Football League) for become for a few days the “emerging artist” of the cheerleading organization of the competition.

Such that, Cyrus metamorphosed into a cheerleader, and since last Friday he updated his Instagram profile with a series of videos and images in which he appears enthusiastically representing his new role. Dressed in a black latex suit with a belt, with the number 96 stamped on the back and brandishing two red pumps, the artist has already given the warning in her first photo: “Don’t call me an angel”.

The following posts show Cyrus doing his job: Suggestive choreography, protruding language and a picture showing his bottom “Attack positions”, the performer wrote next to one of the images, in which she appears lying on the grass wearing buttocks, “this will be the title of my next album”he added jokingly.

And, judging by the comments and “appreciations” that his publications gather, it seems that the advertising strategy works. “Suddenly, we like sports”, wrote the official MTV account under one of the images. “I’ve hated football all my life to this day,” “You’ve never been better, Miley,” “You’re an” extremely hot, “” This photo shoot is everything, “” Iconic, “ these are some of the messages his “fans” left.