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A health worker who received the Pfizer vaccine in Alaska developed anaphylaxis 10 minutes later, the same thing that happened to two medical workers in the UK last week, according to state authorities explained at a press conference on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Dr. Lindy Jones, who treated the affected woman, explains that the events took place Tuesday at Bartlett Regional Hospital, in the city of Juneau, where the woman had been vaccinated.

Ten minutes later he started to have a red rash and was taken to the emergency room where the rash started to spread across his face and trunk and he had difficulty breathing and his heart rate increased, so they decided to administer him. epinephrine and other medicines to stop the allergic reaction.

However, the woman is currently under observation in that hospital’s intensive care unit she has practically recovered. Despite what happened, “she was still excited about the vaccine and the benefits it would bring her in the future,” said Dr. Jones, quoted by the EFE agency.

Unlike the two toilets in the UK, this woman had not suffered from allergic reactions of this type in the pastthe doctor reported. While, after what happened in the UK, the country has issued a warning not to vaccinate people who have previously had severe allergic reactions.

In the US, the CDC allows these people to be vaccinated, but they must remain under medical supervision for 30 minutes after receiving the immunization, EFE reported.