Mijares is honest: he explains why he divorced Lucero and how he feels when you see her with another couple

Singer Mijares does not hurt to see when his ex-wife Lucero has a partner because he believes that “when you love someone and you know they are happy you feel good,” as he said in an interview with Yordi Rosado.

For the musician who already has a 35-year career and 31 albums, this is a feeling that Lucero also shares, which clearly shows that the relationship between the two so far is good.

“She would like to see me happy, satisfied, as I like to see her.”

When they were a couple, they became one of the most popular of the time because of the fame they both lived.

The artists spent a year meeting before getting married in 1997 at a wedding that was televised and watched by millions of their followers and was in 2011 when they divorced, to the surprise of their fans.

Why did Mijares and Lucero divorce?
Now, Mijares himself was the one who opened his private life to tell how he lived both his relationship and its end.

“(The marriage was) very fatherly, very good, very respectful. What happens is that I think what could have happened a lot was that she traveled a lot and I, too, was used to being either one or the other, “he said. Mijares.

There has always been spectacular respect so far. We continue to treat each other with the same affection, talking with the same affection, and in fact, when we break up, I say, “Hey Lucerito, don’t you mind if I move here to the next building?” and he says “no, it’s not that it doesn’t matter, I beg you,” he said.

His children did not find out about the separation
Mijares went to live next door and at first they did not tell his children that they had separated, but that he had set up a studio where they would be able to stay.

“As an adult, you overcome this, you understand it, you live mourning, you overcome it, but suddenly the children don’t know, it’s harder for them to overcome them, so what we wanted most was to we do not affect them “, he explained.

“Since they never saw a scream or a hatchet and since they saw that they had the ease to go from elevator to elevator … I think I did well in that regard because they didn’t really feel an aggressive pause“.

How love came about
The singer remembered that he met Lucero on the set of “Marry me” and he liked it immediately, but the age differences (he is 11 years older) and the focus on his work made him disappear. .

Years later, when he was about 24, they met again and she was the one who returned him and did not answer his calls; Until he invited her to record a musical collaboration, they reconnected, although the singer continued to be difficult with Mijares.

A little later, she invited him to see her at a palenque and from there they had contact again and then they started a relationship.