Microsoft offers Cyberpunk 2077 rebates for all digital sales, but does not pull the game

Microsoft says it offers now 2077. Cyberpunk refunds to anyone who purchased the game through its Microsoft store. While the company has already offered refunds to customers, Microsoft is now extending this to cover anyone who bought the digital game.

“We know that the developers at CD Projekt Red have worked hard to deliver Cyberpunk in extremely difficult circumstances,” a Microsoft spokesman said in a statement. The Verge. “However, we also realize that some players were dissatisfied with the current experience on older consoles. So far, we have provided refunds for the vast majority of customers who have requested one. To ensure that every player is able to get the experience they expect on the Xbox, we will extend our existing refund policy to provide full refunds to anyone who has purchased Cyberpunk 2077 digital from the Microsoft Store, until further notice. “

If you’re interested in a Microsoft Store refund, you can follow the steps on the Microsoft support page.

The extension of the refund policy follows days of complaints about errors, crashes and how the game runs on basic PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Sony also moved to reimburse unhappy 2077. Cyberpunk players this week and even removed the game from the PlayStation Store. Microsoft is not going to Sony to completely remove the game, as the title is still listed and available on the Microsoft Store.

Sony and Microsoft’s measures to reimburse players came just days after 2077. Cyberpunk CD developer Projekt Red said that people dissatisfied with their purchase on PS4 or Xbox One should request a refund. CD Projekt Red is also committed to launching patches to improve the game, with one in the coming days and more significant patches planned for January and February.