Mhoni Vidente warns: the 80- or 85-year-old singer will lose his life

The famous Mhoni Vidente has released his latest predictions and it seems that he has no good news for the artistic environment, as he assured that he will cry three more times for the current virus.

The Cuban who gained enormous fame thanks to the program Sabadazo, stressed that the bad news will not stop for the world of entertainment and, first, will mourn a great and beloved singer, aged 85; the same thing that will give way to the virus; however, he will not be the only one.

They will watch the death of people who are very dear to the artistic environment, an 85- or 80-year-old singer, Mhoni Vidente shared.

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According to Mhoni’s predictions, Mexico will mourn two more younger stars; but nevertheless, they will not be able to get rid of Covid-19: a singer and an actor.

Another singer, also Mexican, about 75, 80 years old … Another young man, 55, 60 years old, and actor, added the Cuban.

The famous and successful seer stressed that Mexico will continue to suffer from Covid-19 and the population must be prepared for what can happen at any time.

They will make terrible decisions in the country, so you have to be prepared for what can happen, said Mhoni.

Before the words of Mhoni Vidente, the concern of the followers of a couple of celebrities who are currently facing Covid-19: Juan Osorio and Armando Manzanero is growing.

It was announced in a statement that dear singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero, 85, was intubated due to physical exhaustion. Her daughter, María Elena Manzanero, issued a text on behalf of her father and family, revealing that her father had been intubated on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 22nd.

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This news causes a huge uproar, because at first it was said that the famous man asked his family to complicate his health, he would let him go and would not allow him to be intubated; This is based on the information that most people who are intubated do not survive and, if they do, have sequelae.

However, the composer’s daughter in This Afternoon saw that the rain confessed that her father had come up with this idea; but being already in the hospital, he agreed that, on request, he should be intubated; He even pointed out that this treatment was carried out with the consent of Armando Manzanero.

The famous doctors pointed out that his health is improving after intubation and stressed that in the last few hours they have provided less and less mechanical oxygen, as Armando Manzanero’s lungs respond better.

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Despite this news, the prediction of Pr. Vidente It makes the singer’s followers angry again, due to the coincidences of her current fight against Covid-19, her age and her profession. However, Mhoni Vidente also pointed out in past predictions that Don Vicente Fernández, an icon of Mexican music, should be taken care of.

Vicente Fernández is now 80 years old and a singer, adding that the Cuban indicated that he is at risk of contracting the virus. In the face of speculation, it is best to remain calm and hope that this is one of Mhoni Vidente’s unfulfilled predictions.

The famous seer pointed out that she predictions They are not facts as such, but rather warnings that the future can be changed; so let’s hope this virus doesn’t take away more talent from Mexico’s entertainment world.