Mhoni Vidente launches incredible predictions for 2021

2020 is about to end, a year full of complications and unfortunate events for the whole world, for the health situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the negative effects it has brought, including the health problems of the population, financial imbalance and radical changes in the social life of each individual.

Therefore, the uncertainty increases about what might happen next year, and while some keep hoping that everything will get better, others give up the loss. In this regard, Mhoni Vidente, a renowned Cuban astrologer, popular for his accurate predictions, such as the death of Maradona, has released its forecasts for what will be 2021.

The seer warned that “January is the worst month,” because This would be the period when the highest number of COVID-19 infections would occur; However, all is not lost, as he also stated that it would be the “beginning of the end”, as the end of the virus that scared us so much, as well as the isolation that kept us, would be more and more closer. away from the people we love the most.

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Predictions for 2021

Coronavirus vaccine

Mhoni Vidente assured that the vaccine will be effective for the complete eradication of the disease causing one of the greatest fears today, and that Latin America will reach the end of December, with which the hope of the population grows more and more.

New disease

However, despite the fact that a light begins to be seen at the end of this long tunnel, the astrologer warns that you should not lower your guard, In 10 years, a new, much more aggressive disease could appear.

Politicians in the world

The Cuban assured that Donald Trump will attack the Latin American population again, but the effect would no longer be the same Well, he won’t have much power; In addition, he assured that the lives of 3 politicians in the world are in danger or could face a disaster; you Vladimir Putin, Nicolás Maduro and Jair Bolsonaro.


On the other hand, he caught more than one, making sure that pests will be present again, such as frogs or fish. “They will fall from the sky”, with which it would be more than clear that “Luzbel wants to fully govern 2021.”

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